At Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries, our practices are based on years of lobster research.

We take baby lobsters that have a naturally high mortality rate in the wild, and grow them on land.

Our business model is biologically neutral, sustainable, and successful.

CSF adopted an algorithmic approach to testing all the growth stages of panulirus argus, the Caribbean Spiny Lobster.

After extensive trials and cultivation, we’ve developed a sustainable grow-out system to farm lobsters on land with almost zero impact on the environment.

It has been our mission to change how people’s perception of aquaculture.

But There Is Hope

It only takes one adult lobster to replace 100 juveniles in the wild. We CAN make a difference in lobster stocks and promote the health of our reefs, while supporting our local economy.

CSF has developed a way to raise and harvest lobsters that has almost zero impact on the health of the water but still supports the community with meaningful opportunities.

Sustainability 101: Taking The Fish Farm Out Of The Water

In addition to stabilizing the wild lobster population, we ensure that Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries lobster farms does not add unwelcome chemicals or waste into the water.

Although we don’t have a 100% closed water system yet (we are working towards this), we focus on innovative and natural ways to cleanse the water before it returns to the sea.

Biologically Neutral

The sustainability and commercial potential of our model is based on the simple fact that, in the wild, less than 1 in 100 lobsters survive their first year and only 1 in 1000 benthic phase lobsters (baby lobsters but old enough to have a hard shell) make it to adulthood.

In fact, between 85-98% of lobster larvae die within their first week of life. Based on these figures, conservatively collecting the larvae to be raised on the farm will have almost zero effect on the natural population.

The fact that we can harvest larvae with almost zero impact to the natural population is referred to as "biological neutrality."

We adhere to a biologically neutral system. This includes ecological foot print management to ensure that there are no toxic environmental effects from any part of our operations.

References for the scientific statements made on this website can be obtained by emailing Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries.

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