We are dedicated to farming lobsters on land, whilst protecting the environment.

Our aquaculture practises are underpinned by years of lobster research and extensive aquaculture knowledge, both of which has allowed us to develop a way to raise and harvest lobsters without negatively impacting the health of our local waters or the environment.

The results of this research and our operations is three-fold:

Enriching lobster stocks

Due to naturally high mortality rates, it only takes one adult lobster to replace 100 juveniles in the wild. This means that we are able to aid the replenishing of natural wild lobster stocks in the BVI and beyond, as well as promote the health of our reefs within the local community.

Creating local opportunities

We support local businesses and family livelihoods through purchasing wild lobster juveniles from local fishermen, before on-growing them on land to adult size.

A biologically neutral operation

98% of wild lobster larvae die within their first week of life. By conservatively collecting the larvae during this high mortality window to be raised on the farm, we have almost zero effect on the natural population as compared to traditional fishing. On top of this, our survival rates are very high, and we are able to return a proportion of our catch to the wild once nursed through the high mortality window period as robust juveniles.

This is referred to as "biological neutrality" and means that we can continue to grow to supply lobsters with greatly reduced environmental impact.

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