Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach is based on thoroughly researched and peer reviewed science. It revolves around three pillars: our planet, our people and our profits.


First, do no harm. For any business, profit is important. But our model must be fully sustainable. In fact, we go a step beyond sustainability: we aim for bio neutrality.

Our operating model is based on careful scientific practice and we can ensure our business model does not impact the environment negatively. Our best practices have evolved into a full blueprint that can be applied to lobster farms everywhere.


We don’t compete with fishing families in small communities. Our business model exists to help traditional fishing communities survive.

Our first priority is protecting the existing lobster population so traditional fishing practices can be continued. Our next priority is to provide business opportunities to those fishermen whose resources have been depleted.

We do this so we can ensure that Caribbean families can continue to teach their children their trade with confidence, knowing there is a vibrant future ahead.


Sustainability and social awareness are fundamental to our approach, however, our business model provides the profits we need to make a difference.

Our goal is to become the leading provider of quality lobsters to restaurants around the world. It’s an ambitious goal, but we have the business model to match.

The key ingredient in our business model is fresh, firm lobster meat. Growing lobsters on a farm, on land means we can control variables that effect lobsters such as size, availability, and freshness.

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