ICYMI: The 2017 Maine Lobster Festival Was a HUGE Success

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ICYMI: The 2017 Maine Lobster Festival Was a HUGE Success

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In case you missed it, last week was the annual Maine Lobster Festival! This is an event that happens every summer—it has been named one of the best food festivals in the country—and many locals and tourists alike look forward to it all year long.

The festival kicked off on Wednesday, August 2 and included parades, vendors, cooking contests and more. This year, there was over 20,000 pounds of lobster (and let’s not forget the 1,700 pounds of butter that went with it) cooked and served. 

Along with delicious foods and fun activities, the festival also featured a Marine Experience Tent that allowed festival goers to interact with and learn about some of Maine’s smaller sea life. The Tent included demonstrations from lobster trap builders and fishermen who taught attendees about the role their profession plays in aquatic life.

The Maine Lobster Festival ended on August 6th after a final entertainment-filled day. If you’ve ever found yourself curious about aquatic life, or if you just enjoy new trying new things – you should mark this festival down for next year’s summer calendar.

Our approach to lobster farming – and why it matters for the Maine Lobster Festival

At CSF, we remove baby lobsters from the wild and raise them on our farm. Since lobster larvae survival rates are so low, by removing them from the water, we make no negative impact on the environment. Our approach is completely biologically neutral!

Once our lobsters are caught from the wild, they’re then brought to our (sustainable) farm to live in a natural habitat that has been scientifically created specifically for the lobsters.

Not only do we raise our lobsters naturally, we also use natural sources of feed for our lobsters. Our food is grown the same way we grow our lobsters: by providing artificial habitats for the post larvae of numerous food species.

So, what does our approach to lobster farming have to do with the Maine Lobster Festival, you might ask? By farming lobsters sustainably, we’re able to keep lobster populations alive while still feeding people delicious seafood! If there are no lobsters, then there are no lobster festivals.

If you would like to donate in the future of our fishery or donate to our habitat enhancement initiatives, please contact us here.


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