4 Ways to Celebrate Seafood Week

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4 Ways to Celebrate Seafood Week

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Happy Seafood Week! This week is an annual celebration created to demonstrate the health benefits of seafood and get you hopefully eating more of it. Seafood Week 2016 runs from October 7th to October 14th – so you better get to celebrating!

For us at CSF, every week is Seafood Week! Here are just a few ways you and your family can enjoy it.

Try out a new recipe

Seafood Week is a great time to expand your cooking horizons. Try testing out a different type of fish, or doing something new with your favourite! You could try to mimic your go-to restaurant’s favourite seafood dish, or look something up online and make it from scratch.

Cooking is a great way to celebrate, and spend time with the whole family. Make it into a fun activity to do with your kids!

Befriend your local fisherman

Don’t know what seafood dish you want to try? Making friends with your local fishermen is a perfect way to decide. After all, they’re the ones who will know which seafood is in season and what tastes best. If you’re low on ideas, ask them how they like to cook their fish and try it out for yourself.

Buying seafood from your local fisherman is also a great way to support local businesses and benefit the economy.

Ask questions about your seafood

Much like any other food, it’s important to be aware of the quality of seafood you’re eating. Where and when was it caught? How fresh is the seafood? After all, everything tastes best fresh.

Was the seafood caught and farmed sustainably, or commercially? At CSF, we take lobster larvae from the water and farm them on land. This has virtually no impact on the wild population as baby lobsters have such a naturally high mortality rate. Also, unlike commercially fished lobsters, they aren’t caught in pots, so they’ll never go into starvation mode, leading to mushy, low quality meat.

To learn more about how commercially fished lobster can tamper with taste, read our previous blog here.

Learn something new

Not a fan of seafood? You can still enjoy seafood week!

If you’ve never tried seafood, spend some time researching the health benefits—this alone could change your mind on the matter.

Before purchasing seafood, it’s important to be conscious of the difference between sustainable and commercial fishing. Not only does sustainably fished seafood have a better taste, it benefits our economy and the environment.

Seafood Week is an excellent time to learn about and enjoy the benefits of eating fish and shellfish. The week may be almost over, but the celebration doesn’t have to end! You can enjoy sustainably farmed seafood year-round.

If you would like to donate in the future of our fishery or purchase lobster, please contact us here.


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