3 surprising health benefits of lobster

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3 surprising health benefits of lobster

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For us down in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the weather is usually pretty spectacular. It’s always bathing suit season, if you will. But for those in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is fast approaching! This is the time when everyone is usually rushing to get a little healthier for summer. But did you know that lobster meat is incredibly healthy and can help you achieve this? Read more to learn 3 surprising health benefits of lobster.

Protein Power

Lobster is packed with protein. These ocean crustaceans may be small, but they really are mighty. Lobster serves as an excellent source of lean protein, with a 6-once portion providing 28 grams of protein – but only 1.2 grams of fat! A fantastic ratio.

This protein also provides amino acid –  small compounds your cells can assemble into new proteins that are needed to maintain healthy tissue. Protein is key because it nourishes your bones and cartilage to keep your skeleton super strong and your blood healthy.

Cognition Control

There are tons of important minerals and vitamins found in large quantities in lobsters that effect your cognition and brain power. These include Vitamin B and B12, which are both linked to maintaining nerve integrity. Lobster is also a source of choline, which is a nutrient that increases your production of neurotransmitters.

All of these important vitamins will increase your brain function and efficiency and can even protect you from the effects of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Beautiful Bones

As mentioned above, the protein in lobster helps nourish your bones to keep your skeleton nice and healthy. Although lobster isn’t usually thought of as food that helps produce strong bones, lobster meat actually contains many of the minerals needed for healthy bones.

A 6-ounce serving of lobster contains 274 milligrams of phosphorus and 140 milligrams of calcium. Did you know this provides over 39 percent of your daily phosphorus requirement and 14 per cent of your recommended daily calcium intake? These minerals work together to form components of hydroxyapatite, which is the dense, strong mineral found in your bones. Calcium is also a the doctor’s favourite, supporting nerve health while phosphorus nourishes your cell membranes.

This may have you stopping at the market to pick up a few health-benefitting lobsters tonight! Just remember that lobster is also somewhat high in sodium and cholesterol, so as with everything, enjoy in moderation - and maybe hold the butter dipping sauce. 

If you would like to donate in the future of our fishery and protect local lobster populations or purchase lobster, please contact us here.


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